The Core on Earthen Ring (EU)
Guild Statement & Rules

We are a mature guild of players that have been playing together in the Horde for quite a few years on and off on Earthen Ring EU. This is a new guild in WoW, but certainly not a "new" guild. The Core as a gaming guild have around for well over 5 years, with the same "Core" unit of players and new friends made along the way. This longevity means that we are an extremely close-knit bunch of guys; but we are always open to making new friends. Our long term members tend to stick together whenever we move to new MMO's or new ventures.

We are an adult guild made up of players aged 21+ who like to play and above all else have fun. We aim to do end-game content in WoW, and plenty of serious raiding but NOT hardcore, or raiding without guildies enjoying it. Raiding evenings will be TUESDAY & SUNDAY. Unlike Hardcore Raiding, Guildies won't ever be kicked for raiding mistakes, gear won't be hoarded in the Guild Bank, and people won't be penalised for missing events due to RL. However, Guildies will be expected to attend Guild Events as often as feasibly possible, life permitting. Guildies will also ALWAYS be expected to communicate with the Guild; whether it's in the forums, Teamspeak, or email. If RL takes over, all we ask is that you let someone know. We are, above all else, socially ACTIVE but not purely a "social" guild. Social Guilds tend to fold in the end due to inactivity, and as such we aim to be doing the most fun current end-game content; whether it's raiding or anything else that becomes popular.

Mael is the GM but the Title is more symbolic than anything else, more often than not. We always make sure that we have a surplus of Officers so that the Guild is not allowed to stagnate; as other guilds are occasionally prone to do. We use Teamspeak 3 for our comms, and most often without any politically correct filters.

Recruiting takes place frequently, and is advertised in the Official WoW Forums, and also in-game. Applicants will be expected to fill out the application here, at the forums, before being invited in-game. Applications aren't dealt with in secret, like other guilds. All Guildies will be able to see applications and give their thoughts, but final decisions will be made by the Officers (Ooooh, so serious, NOT). People will mainly be expected to jump on TS and introduce themselves, as we're not looking for silent people. Certain exceptions to the whole process can sometimes be made, fo
r RL friends, family, etc etc.

Guild Rules (boring but necessary):

  • The integrity of the Guild is sacred. If you are deemed to be bringing the name of The Guild into disrepute, chances are you will be booted.
  • Guild is everything. You look after us, we look after you. We've been around a long, long time and it makes us all quite close. Obviously if you are newer, it takes time to bed in and get to know everyone. The rewards though, come in time. You'll always have a group you can come back to, play with, have a laugh with, and often a ready made group of mates going into other games.
  • We are here to have FUN! If you ruin fun for others, you will be shot!
  • Forum usage is MANDATORY. Just being in-game is not considered enough. You are expected to check the forums here on an almost daily basis. Lots of us have busy lives, so posting things in here is easier than logging in-game just to try & catch people. Raid and Event details will be posted in HERE primarily.These will contain information NOT available in-game. If you're going to be away for a while, due to RL, we consider it polite & vital that you post in here to let us know. If you DO NOT USE THE FORUMS regularly, you may be removed from The Guild.
  • In WoW, Raiding isn't hardcore for us, but each Guild Raid is considered a Guild Event. There are 2 calendars, the one here on the forums, and the one in-game. The one HERE is considered REQUIRED viewing. Events might be posted in-game, but they will ALWAYS be on the calendar here. If you want to come to a raid, as a guildy, you will need to sign up here in the forums using the Rapid Raid module.
  • Teamspeak usage is considered MANDATORY for raids and events only. The rest of the time, it is highly encouraged but not vital. Sometimes when playing we all feel anti-social and not like talking. That's cool, use Guild Chat in-game instead, but for Guild Events, you must be in TS even if you have to be somewhat muted due to RL things going on around you.
  • In Raids, Teamspeak users MUST use Push To Talk, not Voice Activation. Learn it, like it, and love it.
  • We have quite a few Officers, and they are here to help when they can. If you abuse Officers you will probably be booted (unless the officers are being dicks).
  • All loot will be MasterLoot>MainSpec>OffSpec in raids. Master Loot will always be on, and rolls will be made for loot. We will not actively stockpile loot/gear in the Guild Bank. However, If we get to the point of having done loads of raids and surplus gear going to the Guild Bank; then it can be requested from the officers if it is not in a General Withdrawal Tab.
  • It's not a democracy, so don't get confused. While we'll always try and consider everyone's opinions, sometimes there will have to be times when the GM or Officers will just make a decision. They will always have the final call, based on pecking order. Democracies are great, but in RL they just don't work :)

If you've been invited to join us, you only need to be ready to have fun, and become a part of the team :)

The Core